The 2016 Issues

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So you may be wondering why I want to run for Sheriff. The answer is: Because we all know that there needs to be a change at the Muscogee County Sheriff’s Office and I believe that I am the person best prepared to bring about the needed change.

There are considerable problems currently facing the Sheriff’s Office. Budget overspending, lawsuits, scandals all resulting in an overall diminishment of the public’s confidence in the Office. We have all seen the headlines and read the stories; we all know the problems.

The Sheriff’s Office is on track to exceed its budget by nearly 14 million dollars over 8 years. The citizens of this community, through their tax dollars, have spent an additional 1.8 million dollars thus far on legal fees, on a lawsuit filed by the Sheriff against the city and your council members. The Sheriff has been, most recently, in the news for his questionable judgement in using the capacity of his office to ask a federal judge for leniency for a convicted criminal who defrauded the government and the tax payers of 1.3 million dollars.

The question facing us is who is best suited to address these problems.

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As your Sheriff I pledge to work at rebuilding relationships with your elected officials to bring about a reasonable, balanced budget, and to direct the Sheriff’s Office mission in accordance with that budget. I am committed to examining every program, every project, every contract and every service, to ensure that we are operating the Sheriff’s Office in the most fiscally responsible manner.

As your Sheriff, I will do everything within my power to end these lawsuits. You expect competent government and you deserve excellent government and that is what I intend to provide. The inability to work together with other elected representatives to solve problems has cost this city and it’s taxpayers too much and we need a capable leader who is able and willing to come to the table with a vision, ideas and a willingness to listen.

As your Sheriff, I intend to bring back to this office, the level of integrity you deserve: One of the values that I have tried to uphold throughout my life and career and that I promise to uphold as Sheriff is Integrity. Integrity, by it’s definition, is moral uprightness but it also means “Wholeness.” The wholeness of the law enforcement community has been fractured by the failures of the current Sheriff’s administration.

I am Committed to restoring relationships with other law enforcement agencies and to partnering with them in addressing criminal activity and community safety. Now more than ever law enforcement is under intense public scrutiny. We, as a community need law enforcement leadership that we can trust. My vision for the Muscogee County Sheriff’s Office is that we will be the professional, credible, community partner that we should be.

Professionalism, at its core, is about how you treat people. It is about being your very best when you are dealing with people many times who are at their very worst. Professionalism in 2016 is about being both a guardian and a warrior. It is about helping the elderly if they are lost, it’s about stopping to talk to the child that is impressed with the uniform. In those times, professionalism is about being a guardian. At other times when the public is in danger, professionalism may mean being a warrior. There are times when we are called upon to be both in order to keep our communities strong and safe.

I am asking for your vote and your support. Together we can create the change Columbus so desperately needs.

Donna Tompkins

Democratic Candidate for Muscogee County Sheriff
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